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It is a new day and a new article, today we are gonna talk about ESBC if you don’t know what ESBC is you came to the right place, and if you know stay and learn more!!! I welcome you all.

Oh how to begin, we are gonna divide in section so you can see the magnitude of this awesome project and understand all that ESBC can offer you.

What is ESBC?

ESBC ( eSport betting coin) is a masternode and proof of stake project fork of PIVX.

This is the technical definition of what ESBC is, but we are gonna go to the deep. ESBC is the combination of an awesome technology, based on a super hard-working team and an user-friendly Betting platform.

You can make anonymous bets for e-sports or sports teams in the platform with low commissions, fast and decentralized.

Awesome isn’t it?, also the project founder has completed the KYD verification. Let’s meet the “Betting Platform”

The Betting Platform

ESBC have a live and working product for a real world use that is “The Betting Platform”.

Place a bet in

The betting platform gives the possibility to make bet for your favorite e-sport and sport teams, is really intuitive to the user and you can log in with you Vkontakte, Discord or Facebook account, on contrary to the others popular online betting companies you don’t need identity verification on the platform.

Betting Platform login

You can place a bet for your favorite team in an easy and safe way.

Placing a bet

The ESBC platform has also a referral program where you will get earnings for every bet your referral made from profit we get from it.

Masternodes & PoS

ESBC has 4 different tiered Masternodes that you can setup in order to help the stability of the network and getting coins as a reward on the way!

Bronze 5 000 ESBC
Silver 25 000 ESBC
Gold 50 000 ESBC
Platinum 250 000 ESBC

Masternodes tiers, and PoS

All you need is a VPS server and our beautiful Wallet to setup your Masternode.

For PoS you just need to have ESBC coins in your local Wallet leaving 24/7 open and get rewards.

ESBC Wallet — Dark Blue Theme

The Partners

If you don’t have enough coins or just want to get a shared Masternode service, we have the best partners in the market to keep safe your iinvestment and make your earnings grow, feel free to visit our Website and select the best fits for you.

ESBC Partners on

This playlist can guide you with some of our partners, enjoy!!

ESBC Partners Review

The Explorer

ESBC have an Explorer where you can get a lot of information about the network and keep track on all your transactions, very practical and simple.

ESBC web explorer

The Exchanges

You can buy ESBC on these exchanges:


The Capitalization

This is a really important point. The capitalization always shows the real supply and demand for cryptocurrency project. We will dedicate an entire article about this soon , but for now, we can see that ESBC has strong growth in a global market that is not right now in an “Up-Trend”

ESBC General MarketCap

The Comunity

ESBC loves its communities. They are the heart of this project and the team is always taking into account the feedback and comments to contuniously improve more and more every day, and get in touch on our popular Discord server (5281 Members) and all our differents social networks.

Join us in:
Telegram news channel
RU group / ES group /EN group


We were recently added to CoinMarketCap, and we are continuously growing to reach the top on the rank! Go ESBC !!!

ESBC on Coinmarketcap

Don’t forget to watch this video so you can place a bet with us! ❤

Are you ready to place a bet?

That’s it, we have way more surprises on the future but for that you will have to join us now!!!!❤

Don’t miss my other articles about ESBC i have really fun written all of them i’m sure you will have fun too ❤

Remember to make safes bets!! see ya.

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ESBC Links

Website Github Explorer Explorer official

White paper


Telegram news channel , RU group, ES group, EN group


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